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Download your Android Application on pc with the help of Real APK leecher

Real APK Leecher v1.3.5/Real APK Leecher v1.1.9/Real APK Leecher v1.2.3

Key features:
Download apk files from Google Play to desktop.
Check version of your apk local files.

The general info is required.
Email and password are belong to a Gmail that is main account on an Android phone.
Device Id is the device id of that phone.
To get your Device ID, just simply open dial pad, press *#*#8255#*#*. If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find lines that begin with JID and Device ID.
Your account is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix.

Gtalk service Monitor
Screenshot 1



Change logs

 v1.3.5 - 9/6/2012

Fix downloading. Now any apps could be downloaded fine.
Download apps you purchased with your account is now available.
Add an option to ask the name you want to save the apk with.
Support Linux version (only for downloading, not scanning now)

 v1.2.4 - 9/4/2012

Remove “Pin this program to Taskbar” (due to crash often. Sorry for inconvenient).
Fix download apps with name contains "/"

Remove carrier restriction (go Option to choose your SIM Operator Numberic).
Delete apk file.
Add “Pin this program to Taskbar” (more like winform application).

Some apps have carrier restrictions. On Android phone, you must have root permission to be able to fake carrier with Market Enabler app to download those apps. But now, Real APK Leecher gives you an option to setup SIM Operator Numberic (SON) to fake carrier. You can get SON by the following formula: SON = MCC + MNC. For example, T-Mobile has MCC 310, MNC 260, so SON is 310260. If you don’t need this feature, just leave SON empty in Option. Here is the list of MCC and MNC.

v1.1.9 - 28/3/2012

Remove country restrictions (go Option to choose your language/country)

v1.1.8 - 25/3/2012

Option to scan existing apk folder to compare its version with market version.
Rename apk file manually.
Rename all apk files automatically with file name format option.
Download apps with option to select file name format.
Copy link location on Google Play.
Search related apps.
Fix download app that contains “:”
Check update for new version.

Note: This is a Java application, so you need at least JRE for it to run. If you encounter any problem in starting up Real APK Leecher, get the latest JRE on Oracle Site. Only free apps are available to download. Of course For your own security and anonymity, if you doubt in giving your info to my tool, do not use your real google account in this app. Create a new anonymous google account, download 1 free app from google play to enable this anonymous play account, and then use this new anonymous google play account inside this app. If your account is like "nothing to loose", it's ok Do not delete "lib" folder.

Real APK Leecher v1.1.9 : DOWNLOAD

Real APK Leecher v1.2.3 : DOWNLOAD

Real APK Leecher v1.2.3 (alt) : DOWNLOAD

Real APK Leecher v1.3.5: DOWNLOAD

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Special Thanks to: Tim Strazzere for his great work on android-market-api. 
All credit Goes To: bibovodanh(XDA Forum) For More Info Visit: XDA Forum